1690 Barjanksy Cello 

Monograph de Luxe Edition

Monograph of the Antonio Stradivari Cello c.1690 ‘Barjansky’

Probably the most extensive and detailed study of a stringed instrument that has ever been published. Enjoy the historical research written by world known experts.
Listen to Julian Lloyd Webber and Kian Soltani talking about playing the Barjansky.
Join a comparison and analysis with other important Stradivari cellos.
Be part of a most interesting string testing process and follow the discussion regarding the asymmetry of violin making.
Watch the documentation of a unique restoration process.
Have a look at the latest Micro-CT scan, the Micro-CT analysis and the wood analysis of the scroll.
Follow the research of the Stradivari varnish and see UV- and infrared fluorescence photography in a new way on 1:1 posters.
Learn about a new laser photo technology for the analysis of the arching and the dendrochronological research.

Study a real 3D visualisation and more on the accompanying website.


Historical research—Lüder Machold, Carlo Chiesa and Johannes Loescher | Interview with Julian Lloyd Webber and Kian Soltani | String testing by Thomastik Infeld | Discussion of the asymmetry of violin making | Documentation of the restoration process | List of all known Stradivari cellos | List of subscribers | The Cello Molds | Stylistic Comparison of the ´Barjansky` and the ´Mediceo` Cellos I CNC- Milled Inlay | The Varnish Analysis of the ´Barjansky` Stradivari Cello via Ultraviolet- and Infrared Fluorescence Photography | Dendrochronological Report | Condition Report | Photogrammetric Capture | Digital Measurements | String Testing by Thomastik Infeld | Discussion of the Asymmetry of Violin Making | Documentation of the Restoration Process | Wood Identification | Interviews with Julian Lloyd Webber and Kian Soltani | Collection of 24 Postermotifs and more ...


Micro-CT scan—Fraunhofer Institut IIS | Micro-CT analysis—Dr. Rudolf Hopfner | Wood analysis—Thünen Institut Hamburg | Varnish research—Martin-Luther-Universität Halle | UV- and infrared fluorescence photography—Leonhard Rank and Prof. Dr. Martin Bek | Analysis of arching through laser/photo technology—Leonhard Rank | Dendrochronological research—Arjan Versteeg | Condition Report—Leonhard Rank | 3D visualisation—Fraunhofer Institut IIS and Andreas Jacobi | and more ...

Jost Thöne Verlag in collaboration with ALAGO ART & STRINGS GMBH

Format: 320 x 450mm, 392 pages
Language: English
Posters: provided in a separate box with 12 posters / 24 motifs
Website: accompanying content with developing features

Limited de Luxe edition: 100 copies 

1,690.00 € net.