Antonio Stradivari 

de Luxe Edition 1-8

A collection of instruments crafted by the legendary Antonio Stradivari, fully researched, compiled and photographed in such high quality, has never been published before.

Three hundred well-certified instruments have been meticulously and expertly photographed by some of the world’s best photographers.

As the books measure 320 mm by 450 mm, every detail of the beautiful instruments is reproduced in life-size including the cellos, which reach an extent of approximately 960 mm by 450 mm.

The printing technique chosen for the reproductions makes use of a special varnishing to preserve and enhance the beauty of the instruments. The collection is divided into eight volumes of around 2667 pages with a weight of 50 kg.

We have been allowed privileged access to some of the rarest examples of Stradivari instruments in existence. Therefore, some of the instruments have never been shown before. More than 40 instruments had been given names for the first time, and some—scientific research has shown—are related. A list of subscribers is included within the books.

This marvellous project is being published by Jost Thoene Verlag, supported by the most recognized experts worldwide. The books contain the fascinating history of every featured instrument, thoroughly researched and carefully written by Dr. Christian Eder and Alessandra Barabaschi, alongside comprehensive essays by distinguished experts such as Florian Leonhard, Simon Morris, Director of J & A Beare Ltd (both of London), Carlo Chiesa (Milan), Arjan Versteeg (Starnberg) and Johannes Loescher (Cologne).

A DVD accompanies this collection, providing precious additional information such as measurements, arching samples, detailed views, CT scans, 360° turns, dendrochronological results of all the Strads published, rare recordings of some of the instruments shown and an exclusive live video recording.

Limited to 100 leather-bound copies (de Luxe edition) of each volume, individually numbered and registered, the books—published by Jost Thöne—are certain to increase in value and become collector’s items.

Limited de Luxe edition: 100 copies

20,000.00€ net.