Guarneri del Gesù Bust

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A bust of Guarneri del Gesù. Rough and elegant at the same time, this masterpiece is an outstanding work by the Dutch artist Marijke de Vre Verlaan.  

Limited to 8 pieces

About the Artist: Marijke de Vre-Verlaan
"After my education at the Fashion Academy De Schans in Amsterdam, I worked in fashion for several years. I was interested in sculpting from an early age, and in addition to my work I started taking courses in various sculpting techniques and drawing. After a period in which I came into contact with various styles in sculpture, I developed my own figurative style. I almost always work from the inspiration that my daily environment gives me, and I prefer to use clay or modeling wax from which a bronze cast is later made. From 1990 I am full-time active sculpting and regularly exhibit in my own gallery and sculpturegarden in De Rijp, Holland."

"Capturing expression in body language is what fascinates me. The basis of every sculpture I make, is the nude model. I prefer to work with clay or modeling wax. Clay is especially easy to process and it gives me the opportunity to structure the image rough or very detailed.
I've been concentrating on shaping human expression for many years. I don't just work figuratively, it's the variety of styles that makes me happy to start something new every time. All my work is eventually cast in bronze, it is a beautiful material to perform my work in. “

+ steal made of wood; varnished in white high gloss

Size of bust: c. 32 x 22 x 25 cm
Size of steal: c. 122 x 30 x 30 cm

Limited to 8 pieces